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Hypnotherapy for IBS.. Life seems worth living again!

When I contacted Patrick I was miserable as my IBS was taking over my life.

All I could think about was my next visit to the bath room and I was turning down invitations and putting off visitors to avoid embarrassment. My Dr could treat the pain but told me I would have to learn to live with the other symptoms, I told Patrick that I was not expecting a cure but the confidence to go out and live my life without being preoccupied with toilets.

Patrick gave me some lovely relaxation exercises to stop me worrying so much and helped me with dietary advise as well as making me feel that I was not a neurotic old lady but someone with a real condition that could be controlled. Although I am still recovering I have been able to enjoy nights out am sleeping better and have had my medication reduced. Life seems worth living again!

Susan (Special Need Teaching Assistant)Paddington London 2015.