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LGBT Friendly Therapy in London

There are limited numbers of LGBT Friendly Therapists / Gay Affirmative Therapy practices in London. Patrick Lilley added to those important resources when he started London Cognitive Hypnotherapy and NLP in Harley Street two years ago. As the practice has grown, he expanded, with practices now in both Paddington and Islington.

Patrick trained with respected author and NLP trainer Trevor Silvester at the prestigious Quest Institute and is a registered member of National Council for Hypnotherapy and abides by its strict code of ethics. All sessions are confidential.

Please read through to the bottom of this page to answer some key questions there that will help your unconscious mind begin to reprogramme and find its own solution state.  Or if you want to arrange a FREE consultation now over the phone call or text Patrick on 07931 424 905 or email

Patrick is a caring and dedicated professional; a qualified NLP Practitioner & fully insured Cognitive Hypnotherapist and Coach.  He has lived and worked within the gay community for over 30 years. He is committed to providing private Coaching, Counselling and Therapy services of the highest quality to all clients equally honouring their belief systems, sexuality, ethnic and cultural backgrounds.  (He is on the board of Europe`s largest LGBT black and ethnic minority community festival UK Black Pride). He believes that clients have all the resources they need and that the job of the therapist is to facilitate and help the client (re)discover those hidden resources to help them achieve their goals. Patrick Lilley offers a safe and supportive environment for personal change.

While most clients’ goals and issues may nominally appear the same: Anxiety, Self Confidence, Insomnia, Weight Control, Relationship Issues, Loneliness, Motivation, Addictions, Stress or Stopping Smoking to name but a few.

But the personal histories of LGBT identifying clients need to be heard in an affirming and safe environment for positive and rapid personal change to happen. In other words your personal story and goals needs to be able to discussed without fear in a supportive way.


However it’s no secret that LGTB people can face a unique set of difficult life issues living and working in a gay-unfriendly world. This can include bullying and isolation growing up gay in schools and families and religions that didn’t understand; living and working in communities & work places in which it isn’t ok to be gay or sometimes worse, actually dangerous to identify as LGBT. These facts underline the importance of  gayaffirmative therapists delivering by a gay affirmative therapy.

There are many physical and mental health issues that adversely affect the LGBT community more including endemic recreational drug use, risky sexual behaviours, HIV and hepatitis. In the clubs and bars of the commercial LGBT scene it can appear as if drug & alcohol use and abuse are as much the glue keeping the community together as the fact that the clientele share a common sexuality. What can be amazing is the way the LGBT people learn to turn some of these issues around, putting energy and hope back into the community and go on to achieve amazing things because and inspite of them.


The good news is that no one need to be trapped by their past.

NLP and  Cognitive Hypnotherapy offer opportunities for change and happiness.  Before you get in touch to arrange your pre-session phone consultation please start to think about our answers to the following questions:

What will be different in your life when you achieve the goal you are seeking that brought you to this page?

What will you be doing differently when you lose your problem?

What will you believe about yourself when your no longer have the issue that brought you here, you don’t fully believe yet?

  What will become important to you when you achieve your goal?