01 Jun 2011, Posted by Jon Dennis

21 Days To Happy – Programme

Kick start the ultimate a happier life with this simple programme to increase physical, psychological and social health.

Spend 15 minutes a day for 21 days (plus up to 3 face to face coaching & therapy sessions to overcome past trauma/limiting beliefs) so you can now experience a major shift in perspective, feelings, physical and mental health.

2539192366_33323edfe6Scroll down later to see Emmon’s astonishing info graphic at bottom of this page to discover the scientifically proven benefits of practising gratitude.

Inspired by Robert Emmons, the world’s leading scientific expert on Gratitude, I have combined the latest scientific discoveries of Positive Psychology with NLP and Cognitive Hypnotherapy along with ancient breathing practices from India and China, into powerful short course of 21 days to Happy.

In experiments subjects practising gratitude interventions not only were up to 25 percent happier, in other experiments subjects’ measurable & clear physcial benefits were also observed.

Benefits includes  better sleep (a crucial factor in physical and mental health) while in other experiments subjects were found to 33 percent more each week, systolic blood pressure was lower as was dietary fat intake- all these and  not chemical side effect in sight because no pills or medications are used.

Experiencing gratitude can also  to increased feelings of connectedness, improved relationships, that means people families, friends and co workers actually get along better, feel more loving and compassionate.

Other benefits of this course include

Feelings of energy, alertness, enthusiasm, and vigor.

Live longer and healthier  and greater resilience during crises.

While it may be easier to be grateful when times are good, Emmons has shown that even when we are in crisis its vital to practice gratitude. 

Emmons found that by choosing gratefulness even those who experience great physical disability something unexpected  occurred: out of something bad (suffering, adversity, affliction) came something good (new life or new opportunities) for which people can even feel profoundly grateful.

sunshineTake up the 21 Days to Happy Challenge and receive a weekly homework assignment for each day and use your package of of 3 x 1:1  sessions to chose well formed goals, get support to consolidate practices and overcome limiting beliefs and past trauma.

Bronze Package – Weekly /Daily assignments with feedback, learn new skills, videos to watch plus educational and instructional videos and enjoy the experience of self hypnosis mp3s – £69.

Silver Package Weekly/ Daily email assignments, learn new skills, videos to watch plus self hypnosis mp3s + calls betweens session + 2 skype 30 mins sessions £149

Gold Package Weekly email assignments, videos to watch plus self hypnosis mp3s + 3  1:1 sessions £279