May Specials Offer 3 x 75 mins sessions for total £89

Dear Friends

Let the sunshine in…

To commemorate Mental Health Awareness week I am offering 3 face to face sessions for £89 (as opposed to £249). The offer is open only till the end of this week.

You are invited to share this offer with friends via social media (there should be a button at the top of the page near the image) or with friends or colleagues privately at work. The world could do with less stress and more happiness, I am sure we all agree.

Sesssions can be for life coaching, anxiety, stress, bruxism, insomnia, weight loss, stopping unwanted behaviours or simply to foster happiness and well-being. Or you might just want to reset/recommit goals we have already worked.

Sessions would need to be booked into the diary by the end of July.

I came to Patrick Lilley for hypnotherapy regarding anxiety and issues with self-confidence

I came to Patrick Lilley for hypnotherapy regarding anxiety and issues with self-confidence. In total I had three hypnotherapy sessions with Patrick. Patrick is a very kind, understanding, and attentive man who listened to my issues and in return provided some valuable guidance and skills to help me deal with my problems. These included very helpful breathing exercises which allowed me to sleep better and calm myself in times of stress or anxiety. Patrick also used cognitive methods to help retrain my brain to look at myself from an outsiders perspective and look at what I did, and do, good in life, instead of focussing on the bad things. This was useful in improving my self-confidence and self-image. I would highly recommend Patrick to anyone undergoing similar problems to me, as each session leaves you feeling happier, confident, and capable to tackle any issue.