23 Aug 2011, Posted by Jon Dennis

About Me

Hello. My name is Patrick Lilley. I am a qualified, caring and experienced NLP trained, Life Coach & Cognitive Hypnotherapist based in central London(Paddington) .

The offers I have run with Living Social have been the most successful hypnotherapy offers ever run in the UK by Living Social.

I have have a positive intention to help you, a wide range of expert techniques and life experience to support you and together we can work towards your goal.

I am passionate about you achieve positive changes in your life. In my own journey to recovery and happiness I found hypnosis and hypnotherapy a valuable tool.

A few years later I decided to retrain.

My role as a cognitive hypnotherapist & coach is guide your attention to discover more choices of behaviours and ways of thinking than you previously may have imagined. 

If you are stuck now you may not be aware that you have vast hidden resources and the huge ablity to learn and change.

All long journeys start with a small step.

I have a wide range of diverse life experiences where I have come into contact with the effects of addictions, dysfunctional behaviours, limiting beliefs, unwanted habits, thoughts and behaviours as well unhappiness.

Since qualifying my first practice was in Harley Street (2010) and I have moved  to Paddington (West London)  just 2 mins from the station.

I offer a totally confidential and caring service and abide by the ethics of the National Council for Hypnotherapy. I  seek to operate at the highest standards of professionalism.

Your well being is my uppermost concern.