I just wanted to say thank you so much for changing my life.

I just wanted to say thank you so much for changing my life.

I have always experienced anxiety when speaking in front of groups of people at work. Last month, I saw my dream job advertised and I knew that I needed to overcome my fear, so I could gain the confidence to apply for a promotion. The new job will involve giving presentations and training groups of people.


I went to the interview and I felt the adrenaline – but not the fear when speaking. I found myself able to be able to answer the panel’s questions without the anxiety that used to cut my answers short. I have now been offered my dream job!


Thanks again, Patrick. You’re amazing!


AT, February 2013

Are you looking for help with a phobia?

I understand what it can be like to have a phobia even though everyone is different and our minds work in unique ways.

I have overcome my own fear of dental treatment through hypnosis and relaxation techniques.

On a subjective scale of 0 to 10 how strong is your phobia where 10 is very strong  and zero is nothing at all? .  However discomforting your phobia may have been, we can both agree that fear in the right context – is a natural and good thing to have, in order to help us survive.

In the wrong context we give this fear a name: a phobia.  Over hundreds of thousands of year’s humans learned to be frightened of certain thing that threaten their survival s e.g. sabre tooth tigers or other predators to our safety. And this was wise as we didn’t want to get eaten!

A phobic behaviour happens when our mind tags a certain memory with a “fear/fight or flight” tag, inappropriately.

We just want to get away from the stimulus of the phobia… We panic, our breathing may become short, sweaty palms and anxiety occur.  Sometimes a phobia might seem funny or odd to other people who don’t have it, but one’s own phobia can be very distressing.  That lack of understanding can make the whole thing worse. Help is not far away.

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