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I was not convinced I would be a good client for hypnotherapy but something positive must have happened.

I was not convinced I would be a good client for Hypnotherapy but something positive must of happened. I can go into a supermarket and come out with a shopping trolley that does not contain chrisps, fizzy drinks, cakes and general junk food. I now plan my meals and really enjoy them. I only eat when I am hungry and not for the sake of eating and something to do. I now divide up my portions and now get 2 or 3 meals out of it rather than eating it all. Feel more positive about life and the new me. Happy I am doing it for me and not for someone else. Patrick is easy to talk to and is a good listener and I would recommend him to anyone interested in doing the gastric band hypnotherapy. In my working life I meet lots of peoplewho have done the crash diets / yo-yo dieting but they have all put the weight that they lost back on. So far I am lossing about 2 – 3kgs a week and am manageing to keep it off. Very happy client and now very content in my life and body.

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