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TRANCE-formations Neuro-Linguistic Programming and the structure of hypnosis

I am currently reading a TRANCE-FORMATIONS  by Richard Bandler and John Grinder the co-founders of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Progamming).

I am constantly amazed by their use of language and the effortless way they teach through examples and metaphors, step by step.  The book is  just a transcipt of several seminars they gave together in the early 1980s.  Its such a pleasure to read.  They have the ability to put anyone into relaxed trance states with just a dozen words, to stimulate unconscious learning states and much more and to share their learning with the reader.

One of the greatest learnings I have personally made through NLP is that I can chose what state or mood I am in.  it is learning that is wonderful to share with clients who may be stuck.   Sure I have my off days – well nowadays I would say my off hours or eve a dodgy half hour but not days anymore!  If I catch myself in time I can turn those off moods around. You can too. There are many things to learn.

We have all learned amazing things in our lives.

As small children we learned to walk instead of crawl then some of us learned to ride a bike or swim.  I recall learning to drive and now I can hardly remember what it was like no to be able to.  But at the time I as I think back at how difficult I found reverse parking!   Now it is nearly effortless.  We become  unconsciously expert at things really quickly because humans are incredible learning machines.

A particularly useful resource I have learned is how to relax at the dentist.  I used to be very very anxious and demand tranquilisers or need to be put to sleep. I have I confess even punched a dentist.  Now I can be floppy, breath slowly and not panic at all. I have learned something amazing.

I  can be  relaxed at the dentist.  Now having  to lost my phobia I have even had a filling without an anaestetic.  I can imagine having more dental treatment without drama. NLP and Cognitive Hypnotherapy have taught me how to overcome that phobia.  I can now put myself into a relaxed light trance at the dentist. Now that IS a  real trance- formation.

Whether you think you can or you think you cannot, you are probably right.

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