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Sleep Well

 width=Many of us have difficulty getting to sleep.

Sleeping is such an important part of life that lack of it can be very distressing.

Cognitive Hypnotherapy sessions will reveal the specific interventions to help you sleep better.

When are you sleep patterns better?  What have you tried before that worked?

It can be a bit like we have become experts in staying awake and keeping our mind active and not sleeping properly.  Help is at hand. Well known BBC presenter Evan Davis of the Dragon`s Den and Today programme needs his sleep as much as the next person. Evan has given interviews recently on how he has successfully used Hypnotherapy to get to sleep as he has to get up each day at around 3am, so an early night is vital.

Like many other people he says that  an recording of a voice in your head (or earphones) teaching you both relaxation techniques and  with progessive relaxation technique so that at first you might simply relax the muscles in your forehead and then the muscles around your eyes as you close them.  A few minutes later you might notice how your whole body is relaxing and your breath is deeper andmore calm.

Hynotherapy can be remarkably effective along with my customised self hypnosis induction and personalised suggestions for your unconscious; these can make all the difference.

Some people have become so expert at relaxing or getting to sleep after years of insomnia that they can tune out a stressfull day, as well as background noises and even daylight to get to their special relaxed and safe place in their imagination  from where a healthy sleep is just a nod away so that they wake up feeling better than more refreshed than ever.